Some of the many lovely comments and messages we have received after events x

"Loved it! Can't wait for the next one, thank you!"

Ruth Ellen-Stone

"Cos Boogie nights are always the best in town! Fantastic original concept. The review I really want to write will be too long to fit here! Highly recommend to all women everywhere."
Carla Theresa Moore

It was just absolutely brilliant- I honestly don't know how that could be improved upon, lots of happy ladies, amazing music, the perfect amount of allotted time, home and in bed before midnight. Absolutely bloody BRILLIANT!  
Nina Sloan

Thanks for a fabulous and my mum danced our socks off!! I have SO many friends who would love to dance ,so can't wait till the next event xx  
Pippa Foster

It was such a fantastic event, really relaxed, loved it! Please do it again !!!  
Carole Harvey

"A really fantastic, fun time out -without the hassle ! I felt glowing from it all weekend"  
Fiona Robertson