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Saturday 19th October 2019, 7pm-10.30pm
St Mary’s Church, Lace Market, Nottingham NG11HN

This night is for you to let go of the busyness and to relax and feel uplifted in body, mind, and soul. All in a beautiful, warm, and friendly vibe. Time to relish in freedom, ease, and joy on the dance floor. Get your groove on however the music takes you with a playful, simple, and fun mix of guided and freestyle dancing, to an inspired live DJ mix. Then enjoy deep relaxation with the soothing and restorative vibrations of a Sound Bath immersion.

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Time to come back to yourself

Feel Free. Feel Connected. Feel Radiant


Here's how it flows

6.45pm: Doors open 

7.15pm: Welcome

7.30pm: Get in your groove

A fun and relaxed session to arrive, warm up, refresh, and try out some new moves led by Rachel. No co ordination or dance class experience needed - It's about being inspired by a move and doing it your way! 

8pm: Boogie on!

Freestyle dancing with live DJ set (1hr 15mins)

An inspired mix of Disco, Pop, Soul, Funk and Dance music to uplift and keep us glowing on the dance-floor!

9.15pm: Relax

 When the dancing is over we get to lie down and enjoy an effortless deep state of relaxation for body & mind through the soothing & restorative vibrations of sound with a sound bath immersion.

10.30pm: We float home!

Early Bird Tickets Close on Bank Holiday Monday!

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What is a sound bath?

A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. A combination of gongs, singing bowls, and other percussive instruments are used to create an immersive experience in sound. All you need to do is sit or lie down (chairs will be available for those who'd prefer this) and allow the healing sounds and vibrations wash over you. 

What do I need to wear?

Dress to feel good and move easily. Layers are essential so you can be warm whilst lying or sitting down for the sound bath after you’ve been dancing. No heels please. Flat shoes, pumps or trainers are perfect. Think leggings and lip gloss:)

Will there be drinks & food?

Yes, there’ll be some very new and sophisticated non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ made from active botanicals and elixirs that enhance mood and leave you feeling great the next morning. There’ll also be a great local cafe selling hot drinks and some of their delicious sweet vegan goodness. And of course, fresh water will be available too.

Rachel - Founder of The Boogie
The Boogie is a magical night where women gather together and connect through the shared love of dancing. It’s such a welcoming space, whatever your age or background, whether you come solo or with friends. It moves me every time to see women so happy and lit up by the freedom to dance however the music takes them without feeling self-conscious, just loving getting their own unique boogie on!
— Rachel, Founder of The Boogie



Let’s Connect

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate or partner with us we’d love to hear from you.

Next Event: Saturday 19th October 2019

Early Bird Tickets Close on Bank Holiday Monday!

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