What do I need to wear?

Dress to feel good and move easily. Layers are essential so you can be warm whilst lying or sitting down for the sound bath after you’ve been dancing. No heels please. Flat shoes, pumps or trainers are perfect. Think leggings and lip gloss:)

What is a sound bath?

A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. A combination of gongs, singing bowls, and other percussive instruments are used to create an immersive experience in sound. All you need to do is lie or sit down (chairs will be available for those who'd prefer this) and allow the healing sounds and vibrations wash over you. 

Will there be drinks & food?

Yes, there’ll be a bar selling sophisticated non-alcoholic spirit mixes made from active botanicals and elixirs that enhance mood and leave you feeling great the next morning. And of course some delicious sweet vegan goodness.